Transport Tooling

High-quality transport demands high-tech solutions. Transport of the most sensible and costly equipment all over the world is a delicate and very demanding task. The Inno Dock Schock Technik GmbH company is dedicated to bring the highest standard in shock and vibration control. Optimum control, as it often used for defense applications, is now available to solve the specific challenges of high end packing industry. Even a golden egg will survive any transport without damage, thanks to our continuous research and development.

Our solutions makes transport from A to B really easy. Machines or ‘packages’ in general are exposed to various external influences like temperature, humidity, vibration and even to shock-loads. Luckily for all circumstances solutions are available. Especially when it comes to shock and vibration protection Inno Dock Schock Technik GmbH is the specialist to turn to. Depending on your specific requirements we offer a range of solutions varying from our basic, off the shelf, solutions up to specially designed super mounts that makes almost impossible specs come to a solution.

Product development and practical improvements through calculations and analyses

With more than 30 years of experience in product development for shock and vibration control our team of engineers offers the most advanced and still very practical solutions for any transport tool.

One of our unique features is the combination of possibilities to simulate the total system behavior during dynamic loads like drop and collision.
Results in terms of system vibration and acceleration can be monitored in combination with the mounts deflection and reaction forces.
These simulations give the ultimate input to select or develop the correct mount for the application.

Mount development in a wide variety of materials is a daily exercise for our engineers.
Both in a wide variety of metals, rubbers and plastics we have developed a wide range of customer specific mounts

Cable mounts for shockproof transport delicate opto electrical equipment

The all-metal cable mounts are the most rugged solution for demanding environmental conditions, high shock loads and possible ultimate low residual shocklevels.

High damping and high deflection capabilities are the most favorable ingredients for our engineers to design the most optimum shock isolation systems. The all metal construction is capable of handling a wide temperature range and is highly resistant to chemical and salt water environment. Besides a large spectrum of available sizes and specifications also custom made solutions are a realistic option even for smaller production series. Our wide range of projects where cable mounts have proved to be the best solution covers a wide range of applications from rough militairy handling to the most delicate opto electrical equipment.